Thursday, September 21, 2006

Smart move or private meltdown?

I don't know what to make of this Monday night announcement on the Federated Media site.
With the addition of these quality sites, FM will slow the pace of new Author recruitment in the coming months. The company has been fortunate enough to attract the interest of hundreds of web publishers, but, given the personal attention FM'’s model delivers to each site, FM will focus on servicing existing Authors and evaluating prospective Authors with which it has already begun discussions.
On one hand, a company with a fairly small staff can't be expected to represent hundreds and hundreds of sites - especially when a lot of the current sites are clearly unhappy with FM's advertising sales.

On the other hand, this fits my theory that Battelle never planned to do anything with FM beyond a) bilk a bunch of VC types, and b) sell FM right before the bubble bursts. He's got a handful of high-profile sites and three score that nobody's ever heard of. Time to dump this turd.


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