Monday, September 18, 2006

"Relative obscurity drawing to a close"

It would be difficult to describe Federated Media's kid-gloves treatment by the media and bloggers as an example of "obscurity," but that's just what Battelle does in this Federated Media screed about the mean people complaining about his company:
As we build FM, I've realized that our period of relative obscurity is drawing to a close. We are under increasing scrutiny, and should be, given the high profile sites we now represent.
I was also struck by this odd defense:
FM's model is based on the idea that content creators should get 60% of the dollars, not 10-15%. Sounds a lot better, doesn't it?
Yes, that sounds quite wonderful. The question is this: Has there ever been an online advertising agency that claims 85% or 90% commissions?


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