Saturday, September 09, 2006

Exciting news: Battelle Watch has readers

Traffic to this site has been going crazy, from "no readers" to "quite a lot of readers for such an inside-baseball subject."

In recent days and weeks, the following sites have linked to Battelle Watch. Thank you to these discriminating tech news sites:

* The Register - The snarky British tech site linked to this post about John Battelle's cozy relationship with the subjects of his book about Google.

* Valley Wag - This is a newer Silicon Valley gossip site with the sort of bite we all could've used five years ago. Battelle Watch gets a whole little article. This made my day.

* - The blog of techie/lawyer/investor/musician Kent Newsome says of this site, "a little harsh and a little funny at the same time."

* Brand Destruction Research - This site has an interesting post about what we're up to at Battelle Watch:
Reading Battelle Watch, I kind of think that Mr. Bubble is more or less who he says he is because who else would care about most of what he's discussing?
Admitted: This is not exactly the most popular subject in the world. Yet all of these sites sent quite a few readers to Battelle Watch in August and September. Mr. Bubble is grateful.


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