Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bitter bubbles

A mole inside Mr. Battelle's folly notes that Federated Media is having trouble fulfilling its promises.

Someone at Newsvine - one of the big-name sites that's depending on Battelle for money – posted a bitter note about the situation:
Although the site has tripled its unique visitors since May, recording our best month ever in July, you may have noticed that ads have been very slow to roll in. This disappoints us, because even though we're now visited by several hundred thousand users a month, the site (and all other sites within the FM Publishing family, including Digg, Fark, Metafilter, etc.) still has a high level of unsold inventory. To the average web user, less ads is a good thing, but we're very concerned about helping you monetize your content and paying our own bills as well!
A smart VC reporter in Seattle noticed the FM troubles and wrote a good article.

Just one week later, the starving bloggers at Newsvine "suddenly saw all kinds of advertisements appear.

And today?

Federated Media is no longer brokering ads for Newsvine. Some company I've never heard of – Falk – is now serving the Newsvine banners.

Hello, John Cook. This one needs a follow-up.

This was originally posted before Labor Day. Somehow I changed it back to "draft" and it vanished.


Blogger Calvin said...

"A few weeks later and that pretentious Federated Mud lozenge has been banished from Newsvine and the ads come from some company called Falk."

I don't know of a company called 'Falk'. Our ads still come through FMP, and we're happy with them.

Calvin Tang
Co-founder, Newsvine

4:10 PM PDT  
Blogger trintalsf said...

falk is a third-party ad server used by many, many, networks and websites.

6:45 PM PDT  

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