Tuesday, August 22, 2006

'There's simply not enough
failure out there right now'

On August 20, Battelle was wearing his "Web 2.0" huckster suit and encouraged new online companies to compete for the attentions of various VC vermin at the upcoming "Web 2.0" conference headed by (naturally) young Mr. Battelle.

Less than 12 hours later, he posts a thumbsucker about "Web 2.0" being threatened by too many new online companies surviving solely on VC money.

And today, Business 2.0 (the same Business 2.0 that employs John Battelle!) posts an article about advertising on weblogs - a "flourishing business" with "fat profits." Of course, Battelle is right in there, pimping his Federated Media weblog outfit while offering no evidence of either fat profits or flourishing businesses.

(There is no clearer sign of a bubble than "business" articles that fail to mention any numbers related to the businesses profiled. Have you ever read a business article about Ford or Toyota that didn't note the company's income, earnings, profit or loss? From reading this business story, all we know of Battelle's Folly is that he claims to take a 40% commission on ads brokered by Federated Media, that "about 75 sites" are in his stable, and that he compares his business model to that of a record company.)

So what's up? The stench from Battelle's blog tells me his business is a flop. Not even a year ago, he was writing Rah Rah Web 2.0 puff pieces about his New York Times-backed weblog-advertising company (in the New York Times, natch). Now he's setting up his suckers for the fall.

Battelle is so impossibly sleazy that it doesn't bother him at all to write a book-length love song to Google (an online-advertising company) which he sells to Google by the thousands while launching a competing online-advertising company.

Likewise, his "time for a shakedown" bubble acknowledgement is posted 12 hours after his latest Web. 2.0 hucksterism. Oh, and he gets a "fee" for whoring your VC-hungry startup. Shameless!


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