Monday, July 31, 2006

Watch the scumbag squirm

From the PBS News Hour, Aug. 20, 2001:
The "Industry Standard," a San Francisco-based magazine that chronicled and mirrored the rise of the so-called new economy and its dotcom wizards announced last week that it was ceasing publication. As of tonight, about 175 employees will be out of work. In a three-and-a-half-year publishing history, the "Standard" rode the dot-com boom to the top. At its height in the spring last year, with advertising revenues pouring in, the publication ran to 360 pages. The last issue, dated August 27, had shrunk to 88 pages, as advertising revenues from struggling high-tech companies plunged.

After that grim introduction, young Mr. Battelle appears on the television and tells such sweet, stupid lies. Yes, "about 175" journalists lost their livelihoods that day. And he went on TV to say how it's not that bad.

John, some of us were watching. Oh, I mean, "All of us were watching."

You sure seem like a smug sack of shit here on this TV show while we were trying to figure out how to make our house payments, feed our children, pay our insurance, etc.

Read this and feel all the hate and trauma all over again. It is a good way to prepare for Battelle's latest car crash - oh yes, and he's headed right for that farmer's market filled with innocent people.


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