Friday, July 21, 2006

Stench of Death

Maybe it sounded like hyperbole or sour grapes when I said a bubble will burst whenever John Battelle enters the scene. Or maybe my dire predictions are "only" based on the devastating Internet Bubble collapse of just five years ago.

But what's this?

Yahoo's value drops by 22% - or some $11 billion - in a single day, all because of a seemingly minor delay in new advertising software?

And Google, which is constantly championed by Mr. Battelle, takes a $4 stock plunge even though the news is supposed to be good for Google?

Both companies make tons of money, and they absolutely dominate the search-engine industry.

Federated Media's corporate blog wisely ignores both developments. And Mr. Battelle himself skipped town a week ago, promising to avoid the Internet and leaving his dubious "Search Blog" in the hands of a guest editor.

What does he know, and how did he know it?


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