Sunday, July 30, 2006

65 is the new 54!

Constant exaggeration is Job #1 for the Web Bubble Master.

It should be sketchy enough that all but a half-dozen of Federated Media's "author driven properties" are tiny unknown sites.

But that's not sketchy enough for Mr. Battelle. His company claims "nearly 65 sites" in the Federated Media stable ... yet only 54 are listed on his little company's roster.

Are underperforming sites being culled from the Federated Media pack? Lord knows there are scores of sites nobody has ever heard of, and too many that "boast" traffic of a few thousand page views per month.

(Has any site given up on Federated Media - or been dropped - just yet? If so, they're keeping shamefully quiet. Nothing like the smell of NDA's in the morning ... smells like ... failure.)

The vulture capitalists are still enjoying their holidays and vacation homes this summer, so it's hard to imagine any of the Federated Media "angel" investors carefully watching over Battelle's shady stable of mostly-lesser websites during these dog days of summer.

But the dog days will end. Will the "angels" realize Federated Media has based its entire bubbly business on a handful of sites out of that alleged "nearly 65"?

Facts evolve in this scummy world. Mr. Battelle even seems to have quit claiming he's a "professor," as his recent biographies claimed.

Even the "adjunct professor" bits have faded away. These days, according to Federated Media, Mr. Battelle is so humble that he's just on leave from the graduate school of journalism at UC Berkeley - maybe he's earning a degree.

Maybe he's even studying ethics.


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