Sunday, June 25, 2006

I can quit whenever I want

A former colleague in the Bay Area sent me a note last week with a grim accusation: I had become a "blog addict."


The evidence is limited to my previous post. Apparently I've been spending too much time examining this new Battelle scheme. Otherwise, I wouldn't be mentioning "InstaPundit or Daily Kos or Engadget" as if I knew what they were.

I'd like to claim an amazing ability to identify the "top blogs" and critique their qualities based on my sudden, disturbing and intimate knowledge of this world. But that wouldn't be honest. In truth, all I did was click on this website.

It tells you anything you would like to know about the blog world. Top 100 blogs? Right here. (The No. 1 blog appears to be a Chinese site; No. 2 is Boing Boing, which is Battelle's prize client.)

So don't worry about me. While blogs are certainly cheaper than all the books and DVDs and vacations I'll never be able to afford again, they're still not very interesting. Once Battelle's latest folly goes down the toilet, I'll find a new hobby. Birdwatching, perhaps.


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