Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pajamas Media Redux?

I've been poking around. Those who follow the so-called "blogosphere" talk about last year's disaster when a would-be blog-publishing empire casually known as Pajamas Media went pro with a new name, Open Source Media.

The name belonged to another Web business.

A public relations nightmare followed, but eventually Pajamas Media semi-honorably went back to its original catchy name, albeit with a bathrobe as its logo. (More recently, the operation has replaced the bathrobe logo with a pajamas logo.)

And so we wonder today, here at Battelle Watch World Headquarters, why is it that "Federated Media" is actually the name of another established media company that has been around for quite some time?

Now, we aren't bigshot venture-capitalist sponges like Mr. Battelle, but we're still a little shocked that his new media company would so brazenly steal the name of a media company that has been around for three decades.

This "selling little ads on web logs" may be an exciting new gamble, but we're wondering if the real Federated Media people -- who apparently own many radio stations like this one -- are charmed by some San Francisco Bay Area upstarts just stealing their name.

Is that how the whole Web 2.0 works? You just ignore "Earth 1.0" and do whatever you want?


And typical.


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