Wednesday, May 10, 2006

'Building a better boom'

Most likely, you've been in love and had your heart stomped. It happens. Life's rich pageant, etc.

But it's a different kind of affair when someone lures you away from a comfortable job and decent living because you are worth millions!

John Battelle actually said things like that. He hired people away from all sorts of safe jobs in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. They were worker bees, not Steve Jobs. They wouldn't be selling patents for a million dollars or getting bought out by AOL. They were just people who wrote articles about tech businesses.

And John Battelle told them they were some kind of special.

Just like he tells these web-loggers that they are something extra special, and only he can be trusted to make them millionaires.

As a former Battelle hireling, I can tell you that ... well, you can figure it out for yourself. A fancy party does NOT equal somebody looking out for you.

Getting a few big paychecks doesn't equal you making a decent living. Trust an old dude who got dumped in Battelle's septic tank.

Where John Battelle walks, good things wither and die. He is a scam artist, and I personally know (or knew, sorry) about a hundred people who had their lives ruined by that pompous jackass.

Oh, and he doesn't know anything about that Internet he loves to talk about. There is a very nice guy who wrote a Silicon Valley column for a paper for a long time who can tell you some embarrassingly funny stories about Battelle trying to "keep up" with a certain young CTO who posted the whole incident on The Well afterwards.

I don't mean to talk in code. But you who were there will be able to fill in the details.

(To not be a hypocrite, I've opened comments on this web log to one and all, without registration. Say your piece and maybe we'll be just a little bit better off.)


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