Friday, May 05, 2006

Bubbling sewage of the Past

I don't want to bore you with the rotten misery of my private life since it got annihilated by the putrid rays of the John Battelle Experience, some eight years ago.

But I have to explain a little bit, otherwise this site will never make any sense to the three or four of you who might stumble across it someday.

After getting thoroughly screwed during the collapse of the "Industry Standard" boondoggle, I made a conscious effort to get far away from the incestuous cesspool of Silicon Valley.

It is not a rare story in the valley. One day I was so fucking rich I could almost afford a house. The next day, I was watching Battelle on the PBS News Hour explaining how it was really a good thing how hundreds of us got destroyed by his lies and graft.

More later. This crap really makes me feel worse. I'm not proud. I took unemployment as long as I could get it. I tried (and mostly failed) to keep my family from drowning in the deluge. I tried to forget that miserable cocksucker John Battelle ever existed.

But ... Jesus Christ, he's really back. My personal Destroyer of Worlds. Ready to destroy other worlds I've just learned even exist.


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