Monday, May 01, 2006

Battelle Day

It might not be quite as famous as September 11, 2001, but just a few weeks before (on August 20) John Battelle had his own little massacre at the Industry Standard.

That was a now-forgotten magazine about how John Battelle and his networking partners were really great, and how there would never be any problems again because he had met many people who knew about technology.

After he had about 180 people fired, he went on the PBS news show and said this:

JOHN BATTELLE: Well, when you have a situation like this... I think over the past four years we've built a significant asset, and certainly there has been an outpouring of both support and interest in, you know, some form of continuance. But we decided that we needed to suspend publication in order to both sort through those opportunities as well as, you know, conserve the ability of the assets to possibly be sold to somebody.


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